A Review Of The Best Stop Smoking Products

Best Stop Smoking ProductsWhen it comes to learning how to stop smoking cigarettes, it can be hard to find the best stop smoking products for your unique situation.  There is personal counseling, hypnosis, prescriptions, patches and gums and more. So today I wanted to share some of my experiences with some well known stop smoking products and aids.

Note: This is a review of several popular stop smoking products that I have experience with. Click Here To Learn About The Stop Smoking Aid That Helped Me Finally Quit For Good.

Short reviews on 5 of the best stop smoking products on the market…

Nicoderm CQ

This is one of the highest profile brands of the best stop smoking products. The Nicoderm CQ patch delivers nicotine in a controlled system for 24 hours. The idea is that you use a sequence of patches, each with less nicotine, eventually ending nicotine dependency. Nicotine patches have a high profile in smoking cessation systems and remain popular. You can keep them applied in most situations except swimming and bathing.

They deliver a constant dose of nicotine to your bloodstream without any effort on your part once you’ve applied the patch. The main disadvantage is that they are very costly. Also, some users report strange dreams if they use them while asleep. You also have to be careful because if you forget you have it on and have a cigarette you could suffer a nicotine overdose.

Nicorette Gum

Nicorette Gum is probably the top selling nicotine gum among the best stop smoking products. Since smoking satisfies a certain degree of oral fixation, gum chewing is favored by some people as it has similar qualities. Gum is easy to take with you wherever you go and you can chew it as you feel the need—in a sense, it easy to get the right dosage by chewing more or less.

The down side of gum is that it can take a long time to take effect. Imagine needing a dose of nicotine and chewing furiously to try to speed the process. The problem with doing that is that you can get sick if you chew too fast. You also can’t chew it while imbibing on alcohol or drinking soda. (Read my complete Nicorette review here.)


Of the best stop smoking products, Chantix is one of the most popular prescription drugs designed to help stop smoking (the very first was Zyban). It works by attaching itself to nicotine receptors in the brain and then blocking nicotine from getting to them—like a firewall on your computer system.

Disadvantages of Chantix include nausea, vomiting, sleep problems, constipation and gas, and very strange and vivid dreams. This is a prescription drug so it can be a hassle to get down to a doctor and go through all that rigmarole. Like Nicoderm, it is also very expensive. (Read my complete Chantix review here.)


CigArrest is a complete stop smoking program that has been constantly evolving over the years. Unlike sprays, gums and patches the CigArrest program was designed to combat all the problems people face when attempting to stop smoking cigarettes. In the CigArrest welcome kit you receive the following; Natural craving relief tablets, craving control gum, specially formulated smokers vitamins, a step-by-step program guide and access to the CigArrest freedom support website. (Click here to read my complete CigArrest review)

Smoke Deter – My #1 Pick Out Of All The Best Stop Smoking Products

Smoke Deter is a very popular liquid oral spray that is applied beneath the tongue three times a day. It suppresses the urge to smoke with an all-natural blend of homeopathic ingredients. It uses powerful ingredients like Plantago Major which causes an aversion to tobacco, Stricta Pulomaria (Lung Wort) which helps fight the malaise associated with nicotine withdrawal, and Tabacum which combats the craving for tobacco as well as dizziness and nausea. (Click here to read my complete Smoke Deter review)

That’s a quick rundown of some the best stop smoking products. Some people prefer a patch like Nicoderm while still others like to depend on a doctor for pills like Chantix. With increasing emphasis on fast, simple all-natural solutions, Smoke Deter is enjoying a tremendous popularity. The key is to determine which of these best stop smoking products is right for you.

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