Stop Smoking Side Effects: How To Deal With Them Effectively

For many people like us, the main challenge when learning how to stop smoking cigarettes is dealing with the stop smoking side effects.  After smoking for awhile, you’ve conditioned your body physically to expect a delivery of nicotine. When that delivery is halted or delayed, your body calls in the alarm systems.

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Here are several stop smoking side effects that you might run into:

Stop Smoking Side EffectsCravings – cravings refer to an overwhelming desire to smoke. It can strike at any time of day or night, but especially at those times you used to take a regular smoke break.

Loss of Concentration – inability to focus on even mundane tasks. This can often lead to frustration.

Tiredness – the grogginess and lethargy that comes from a lack of sleep.

Insomnia – including having trouble falling asleep, staying asleep and having bad dreams and nightmares.

Stress – you will feel added strain and pressure as the cravings and withdrawal symptoms collide. Mentally you will begin to doubt yourself and your ability to follow through on touch challenges.

Weight Gain – and related digestive problems like constipation and bloatedness.

Depression – this can set in as you realize that you don’t have the same familiar “trappings” of smoking around- your favorite lighter and the cigarettes themselves.

Frustration – flashes of impatience and even anger will hit you at random times. In today’s world of flight delays and traffic jams, this can be one of the biggest challenges.

Coughs and Colds – you may suffer headaches, fevers, increased phlegm, coughing and colds. Your body is going through the process of healing and flushing the bad stuff out.

Whew! That is quite a list of stop smoking side effects. No wonder it is so hard for us to try to quit smoking.

Here are some ways you can effectively deal with stop smoking side effects:

Avoid Comfort Eating

One common reaction to the flurry of stop smoking side effects is to retreat into comfort food. On the face of it, this is not such a bad thing. It can even help because it gives you a break from the challenge of the constant withdrawal symptoms. The problem is when you overdo it, returning to the fridge with every little bump in your recovery road.

Use Natural Inhibitors

More and more these days we see people returning to natural solutions and foods. Homeopathic solutions like Smoke Deter combine natural solutions specifically designed to counter the cravings and withdrawal symptoms of smoking. For example, Smoke Deter contains Ignatia Amara which helps fight the stress resulting from stop smoking side effects.

Keep Hydrated

Make sure you drink plenty of liquids to keep flushing the toxins and bad stuff out of your system. Try to avoid caffeinated beverages as they can heighten anxiety and depression.

Avoid Stress

A smart strategy is to avoid stressful situations that will propel you to want to have a cigarette. Allow plenty of travel time when going on a trip or daily commute. Stay away from crowded situations where tremendous amounts of patience are called for. Sit down with family members and get them on your team to help you quit. Also, try to avoid hanging around people who smoke.

Above all, keep in mind the reasons you want to quit smoking and battle through the stop smoking side effects – increased energy, more savings, and the chance to live a long, healthy life surrounded by family and friends.

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