Does Nicorette Work? Nicorette Side Effects Revealed

Nicorette is one of the most well-known of all smoking cessation aids – but does Nicorette work? Well, it depends on who you ask. For some people Nicorette has been the answer for how to stop smoking. For others, it’s been a bit of a bust. One of the reasons why it is unsuccessful for so many people, are the Nicorette side effects. There are numerous ones and some of them are fairly severe. They don’t necessary pose a danger. They just make day-to-day functioning difficult, which is why many people are unable to use it for long.

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How Does Nicorette Work? – Chemically

Does Nicorette Work?Nicorette gum is nicotine-replacement, smoking cessation program. Whenever an individual has a craving for a cigarette, they are instructed to chew the gum instead. It is akin, in this way, to a nicotine patch.  The system is designed for individuals to rely less and less on the gum and the nicotine it contains, until finally, they don’t need it any longer.

Nicorette comes in numerous flavors and does not contain sugar, which may or may not be of note for diabetics. It is designed to be used along with the Committed Quitters program, also made available through Nicorette. Committed Quitters addresses the psychological aspect of cigarette addiction.

How Does Nicorette Work? – The Program

The Nicorette program is for a 12 week period. After this amount of time, the user should have quit smoking. Unfortunately, this isn’t often the case as many people struggle with successfully quitting using Nicorette. Often times, those that do, end up relapsing and begin smoking again.

Nicorette doesn’t contain as much nicotine as a cigarette does, but it is generally enough to satisfy the cravings of smokers. Over the course of the 12 weeks, individuals take less and less of the gum, until they complete the regimen. At that time, they should be smoke-free.

How Does Nicorette Work? – Nicorette Side Effects

Nicorette Side EffectsNicorette side effects include blurred vision, stomach problems, dizziness, general weakness, bowel problems (diarrhea) and headaches. Nicorette side effects are what keep many people from continuing the program and eventually quitting. Nicorette side effects can be very uncomfortable and off-putting. Even when some individuals would like to continue, they are unable to. This of course, isn’t true of everyone. There are some people who aren’t affected by Nicorette side effects or at least not so much they aren’t able to complete the program.

Does Nicorette Work? – Nicorette Pros and Cons

Pros: Does Nicorette work for some people? Sure it does. But it doesn’t work for a lot of them, at least not long term. Nicorette can be purchased online or over-the-counter which is great for people who don’t want to go to the doctor or who don’t have adequate insurance. The program is also easy. The support program Committed Quitters is decent and helpful for some people.

Cons: Nicorette side effects are one of the programs biggest cons. Nicorette side effects can be extremely uncomfortable. The program can also be expensive. The cost of the gum is prohibitive for some people. It costs about $35 a week. Over the course of 12 weeks, this would $420, which is pretty costly, especially for someone on a tight budget.

In Summary

Does Nicorette work? It can and it has for some people. It has also been ineffective for many people. For many smokers, nicotine-replacement programs simply don’t work.

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